GPS - Shouldn't it be a sensor?

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« on: <06-14-11/0815:08> »
Yesterday I've created a rigger and stumbled over the GPS. As the GPS is neither a sensor nor a vehicle mod it can't be added to a drone. (I hope that wasn't corrected by some errata or within a new PDF-only 'book' and I'm not making a fool of myself.) So what's the rigger doing with the GPS in his head or pocket? Great he knows now exactly where to find his meatbody, but he has no idea where his drone's located. If I'm right, the original purpose of the GPS System (or at least one of the main objectives) was guiding cruise missiles, which are nothing else but 'simple' drones. But looking at my Arsenal, it's impossible to add a GPS to a drone by RAW?!? If I had the money, I could right now walk into a car dealership and buy some middle-class car with a built-in navigation system based on GPS. Apparently that's some post-crash lost tech in the 6th World. Or am I simply blind?


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« Reply #1 on: <06-14-11/0840:18> »
GPS was actually an evolution of a land based system designed for maritime navigation.  The weapon guidance applications came later.

As for why it's not available as a sensor, since every commlink has a built-in GPS unit, I'd be inclined to state that every vehicle node would also and just leave it at that.


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« Reply #2 on: <06-14-11/1109:27> »
Far easier to use it that way.
There is no overkill.

Only "Open fire" and "I need to reload."