None caseless old firearms in Shadowrun

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The heck with old, in my game there are still two types of firearms that are always cased; revolvers and shotguns.  Seriously, how the drek would you even LOAD a revolver with caseless ammo?  As for shotguns, I suppose you could make one that would only fire slug rounds with caseless, but the entire point of shotguns is the variety of speciality rounds they can fire, and several of those would pretty much have to be cased to work, the most obvious one being shot.


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Many versions of current-day "caseless" ammo have the projectile partially or wholly embedded in the solid propellant.

The way they work is that they have a starter charge at the back of the bullet that goes off first, pushing the bullet into the barrel.

Then the main charge goes off, propelling the bullet like normal.

Shot ammo is usually contained in a plastic or paper "cup", which besides keeping the shot together also allows the propellant to push the shot down the barrel better. A caseless version would work pretty much the same as a caseless single bullet - starter charge pushes the cup with shot into barrel, main charge goes off propelling the shot just like any other shotgun.