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« Reply #90 on: <11-18-11/2037:49> »
I'm a BIG "Plus One" to the weapons/vehicle construction rules please. 
That would go a Looooong way towards makeing up to us riggers for turning us into deckers with RC toys.

Put me in for a big "Plus One" about fifty times over for those rules. Then again, I just love making vehicles with rules for them even if I don't ever get to use the vehicle. It's FUN FUN FUN to me.  8)
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« Reply #91 on: <11-18-11/2112:32> »
Sadly, we don't have our resident engineer on freelance staff anymore, and I'm not sure any of the guys we have currently are as big into riggers as Jon is/was....
I know a few Rednecks I can refer the Freelancers to.  They know 'bout fixing things on the cheap and building things out of scrap metal as long as you use enough metal for welding, wood and nails,  and duct tape.
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