Question about missions

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« on: (00:19:20/04-28-11) »
Bull or anyone that really can give an answer.
Anyone can buy missions.
Will Con missions be available to buy?
Will Prime Runner missions be available to buy as well?

Unfortunatly I can not attend the Cons. Its a work issue. There is work but I have the issue.

I dont mind buying them like I do for the regular missions.


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« Reply #1 on: (03:30:57/04-28-11) »
The plan is at some point, yes they will be.

We ran into a snag with the Prime Missions, unfortunately...  Last minute issues caused one writer to drop off the first PM, and the 2nd one hit delays due to Real Life issues with that author.  But once they are ready, they will be avialable for sale.  They're not Convention Exclusive or anything.

The CMPs, on the other hand, are a bit different.  THey're technically exclusive for the calender year that they're deployed for.  After that, they're supposed to be more readily available.  The 2010 CMPs are slated to be released to the general public at...  some point.  They're not quite ready for prime time yet (The final drafts need to be cleaned up and put in a proper format for our layout guy...  Grunt Work I've recently handed off to our new Intern, actually! ;), and the decision on how to sell these hasn't been made yet either (Individually, as a bundle, and at what price point).