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« on: <03-02-23/1649:29> »
With H&S out now, does anyone have a thought on new “must haves” for deckers or technomancers?


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« Reply #1 on: <03-07-23/0559:13> »
Honestly there is so much in it.
The self build Cyberdeck is great to have a karma consuming resource so that you are not that dependent on nuyen. ( and may value karma more )

Otherwise I love how easy the personal assistent app raises the defensive dice from each team member by up to 6 dice. But thats more essential against deckers and technomancers. :)


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« Reply #2 on: <03-13-23/1430:07> »
Can't really opine on the technomancers, I don't spend much time with them.
Everyone needs a R:6 Personal Assistant on their commlinks.  Even deckers need them.  Spend a cyberdeck program slot on an emulator and put a R:6 one in there.  They're stupid OP and need a nerf IMO.  At a bare minimum, PA rating should be limited by commlink device rating.  The author of this section even agrees with that limitation.

Agents are also a must have.  Get those extra dice!

Custom cyberdecks are not a must have.  They're only going to appeal to a certain playstyle because they have a rather punishing wild die mechanic that you can't opt out of. 

The gameplay rules section has a few must-have actions that your matrix specialist will get use out of.  Threat Analysis is the most powerful of those, and it too needs a nerf.  I'd suggest limiting extra dice to 1 per two hits instead of 1 per hit.