Whats your formula for a good time?

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« on: <04-13-11/2123:54> »
I've noticed that with the group I play with the best moments tend to be when something goes horrible wrong. Case in point our last session our team was ghosting this museum to steal and old book for Arcane inclined people. Everything was going smooth and by the numbers until our decker crit botched a stealth check. All hell soon broke loose and we made a beautiful mess of things to say the least, however we did get the book and barely made it out with most of our skin intact.

Ok now that the rant is over my point (without getting into all the crazy details of the run) is that the run got really crazy but also really fun because of the mishap. And in reflection of all the missions I've done, It’s the big mess ups that end up being the wild fun rides that make SR worth playing, IMO.

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That's usually so - see my post in the glitches topic.

I like to throw random crap at them and that usually sparks more fun than a serious mission.  I try to mix it up. 

On another mission, the adept botched his WP roll twice when encountering some scary ghosts on different occasions.  He had no problem getting into fights but he roleplayed the glitch by screaming and crawling on top of the van - the ghost had hitched a ride.  It became a running joke that he would scream and run if there were ghosts but had no issues with cybered out combat monsters.