Bad Luck and Gremlins

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« on: <09-08-22/0221:08> »
I'm curious how (and whether) two negative qualities interact.
Quote from: Bad Luck (core 75)
Count dice showing both 1 and 2 for determining a glitch. This does not affect critical glitches, only regular glitches.
Quote from: Gremlins
Whenever you use any device, roll 2D6. If you get a 1 on either die, it means the device fails to function correctly and can be treated as a glitch. The device can be quickly reset with a Minor Action and used again. Rolling snake eyes (double 1s) means the device fails catastrophically, and the roll can be treated like a critical glitch. The device is done for good and you might be in for a bit of hurt from shock or biofeedback.
Does Bad Luck affect the dice from Gremlins? If so, how?


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« Reply #1 on: <09-08-22/1313:37> »
No. They are two different rolls. Bad Luck only effects glitches while making a test, where as Gremlins is a special effect roll that you make anytime a device is used even if there is no skill test involved.

The fun interaction is when you have both qualities and are using a device that requires a skill test. What happens when Bad Luck triggers a glitch and Gremlins trigger a failure. It's not covered by the rules, but I would stack the feects if both are triggered. IE a glitch plus a gremlin failure becomes a catastrophic failure

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