Newbie question... 'buying' spells

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« on: <07-29-22/1656:14> »

  I have recently started to build a 5e character which is a Druid.   During character generation I found a listing that says..
"Spells 5 Karma per spell       Maximum number of spells/rituals/preparations known at Character Creation equals Magic Rating x 2"  See Pg 98; 5th ed. Core Rule book.

  Am I correct in my understanding that this means, 5 Karma per Level per Spell?

   As it stands now, my character would get 3-level 1 spells.  Hardly a street spell-slinger.   Maybe I am wrong.

  Can somebody help??



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« Reply #1 on: <07-30-22/0356:14> »
Spells don't have levels. Either you know them, or you don't. Later when you cast one of the spells you know you choose the force you want to cast it at, but that is something else.


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« Reply #2 on: <07-30-22/1554:06> »
Also note that you get some spells from your priority selection* (i.e. if you put magic at priority 'A', you get ten spells (or rituals or preparations)).  If you want more spells than what comes from the priority table, then it is 5 karma for each additional spell/ritual/preparation).

*assuming that you are using the default character creation method in the core rule book, or else the optional 'sum-to-10' creation method in Run Faster.

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« Reply #3 on: <08-26-22/1555:59> »
So, for example, you take Priority Magic A and have fun with Magic 6. This gives you 10 free spells. If you want to buy more, you can buy for 5 karma each, but you're not allowed to have more than 12 total (so can only buy 2 on top of those free spells).

If you take a lower priority, say one that only gives you 4 free spells, but you still get to Magic 6 with SAPs: You can buy an additional 8 spells if you want, since you're not allowed to exit chargen with more than 12 spells.
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