4E South Amazonian setting book request!

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« Reply #15 on: (14:45:31/04-16-11) »
I hear you. Even though I somewhat dread it, I'd still like to see an official depiction of my hometown of Austin, Texas.

Re: Amazonia. On the bright side, it seems like the older sourcebooks always described Amazonia as a place you simply couldn't run. (Or, if you did, it was incredibly hard.) Much like Tír Na Nóg and Tír Tairngire, actually. But the current leadership of Shadowrun seems to be making an effort to "open up" the entire Sixth World to players and GMs. Amazonia is seemingly much more open, Tír Na Nóg's Veil is failing, and Tír Tairngire is a nominal democracy now.
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« Reply #16 on: (14:52:35/04-16-11) »
I think it's reflective of real life somewhat that these nations who closed themselves off found out that the world around them kept on moving.  Sometimes without them.

They made the hard choice to rejoin the 6th world and let in the shadowrunners.  Spirits help them now.  8)
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« Reply #17 on: (20:28:39/04-17-11) »
well i for one would love to see a write up on Metropole, Winnipeg was in Shadows of North America or Target: UCAS i dont remember which at the moment. and isnt Austin either a divided city or else in enemy (Atzlan) hands, which leave a hellacious opening for the WAR rewrite. Or you could do all of those write ups and send them to me for the DDH. (sorry shameless plug, we're working hard on it
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« Reply #18 on: (09:40:33/04-19-11) »
Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't Metropole supposed to be the largest contiguous sprawl in the Sixth World in terms of square kilometers? Seems like that would be a setting worth exploring in some sort of supplement.


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« Reply #19 on: (10:11:54/04-19-11) »
Yeah, but then they'd have to do maps, and after Target:  Bogota, er, War!

Sorry, can't help it.
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« Reply #20 on: (23:36:27/04-25-11) »
Target:  Bogota, er, War!

Sorry, can't help it.

More or less.
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« Reply #21 on: (12:40:33/07-01-11) »
Have you checked

Theres an idea that never became official but yet its a good work.

I'm also brasilian, living in São Paulo and for me whatever is called (in Shadowrun setting) this spot here must be a nice metropolitan area since there's a big change that in the next few years we start to make fast travels connecting Rio, São Paulo and Curitiba, this might help to make those places to become one... even if a Carnival feathered serpent took control of the jungles we at south would be quite well with our tech based society... also never saw much about Manaus, that I take as the jewel of Amazonia, that they never made official as capital city for there but I think would be the best option.

Also the D3 idea to make Northeast South America to look like africa is quite accurate since it have a nice strategic position for piracy and stuff... yet he named that portion as Brasil but might have another name for that I don't think any pirate would care what the hell they call their turf.

Also we could have more ideas for the rest of the South South America, Chile and Argentina have those Inca culture over there, the Mayans would be within Amazonia territory but might have even more magical crap for southern side of south america yet to be discovered...

For me yet I like better to use Curitiba-São Paulo-Belo Horizonte-Rio de Janeiro as setting, they cover most of megacorp infested areas and runner heavens in the borderlines and the all mighty favelas, those are the ones I love most...

Also why no one even cared to point the future of our nice big companies, we have VALE and PETROBRAS that are some players not to be forgotten...

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« Reply #22 on: (19:40:07/07-01-11) »
Appreciate the link, mozart, great stuffs!
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