Platinum Trollgirls location in Detroit?

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« on: <04-06-22/0214:11> »
Any idea where it and the resultant Platinum Zone is roughly? I see in Cutting Black it is near Downtown (assuming Downtown detroit is still roughly where it is now irl google maps).  But anything more specific? And where the Hive was roughly? I read that the no-go zones were intended as staging areas.  A cross street or specific irl current location that was used as inspiration?

Also, if I recall back in the older editions Detroit was also a walled city? Any info on what that perimeter looked like? I assume a wall along the river between it and what used to be Canada side of the river/airport/etc, but what about the rest?


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« Reply #1 on: <04-19-22/1155:36> »
Cutting Black was a big disappointment to me in this regard.  The Detroit events were a cool story, plenty of hooks included, and then next to zero city data that would make it useable as a setting.