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I've been trying to compile as much as I can on the Apep Consortium to make sure I don't break too far from canon when I use them, but there is scant information to go on. Can anyone fill me in on what I'm missing and where to look? So far, all I can tell is they:
  • have potential ties to Aztechnology, Saeder-Krupp and Shiawase through the Consortium's primary holding companies
  • have ties to some of the most dubious lawyers in the Sixth World who have represented things that go bump in the night in the past
  • are at odds with the other big names in archaeology, plus a technomancer group called the Sisters of Isis
  • had to abandon a digsite when they pissed off a bunch of Beetle invae
  • someone on Dumpshock drew an association to them from Darke, but with no backing evidence. Really? Anyone who could illuminate that for me would kick butt.

If there are fluff/fiction novels that expand on the Consortium at all, I'd love to read them.



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As far as I can tell, the very first mention of the Apep Consortium was in Target: Wastelands. So there is not going to be anything in older books. I think Loose Alliances has most of the info. You may hazard some guess from the role played by Apep-connected characters in Dawn of the Artifacts: Dusk, but that's about it.

I don't remember any source on who could be behind the United Bank of Panama, Jomaku Industries and the Nubian Insurance Company. Actually, Celedyr could be a better guess than Saeder-Krupp for the NIB, considering Celedyr interests in Nubia.

The Darke connection idea probably comes from the last three comments about Apep Consortium President Abd El-Hameed Hassani in Loose Alliances. He has forme Jaguar guards as bodyguards and was a magical consultant on "release status" at the United Bank of Panama until 2058 (which more or less match the date of Darke failure and Oscuro/Darke removal of Aztechnology board). So, yes, it maybe was an attempt from the author to derail the Darke-Oscuro-Solis connection suggested in Corporate Download. Or it was just a suggestion that Hassani was Darke successor. In turn, Corporate Guide would make this a moot point as the Blood mages faction is officially back within Aztechnology canon-wise (it never really went away in most games anyway).