SR5 Flechette Ammunition

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There are some weapons that can not take Flechette

What are they? Well except Assault canons and exotic weapons ...

We have a pistol with 30 rounds of ammo

What stops you from loading your Remington Suppressor with a flechette? Or maybe Steyr TMP with the same 30 round clip AND full auto mode? Both these options are R btw.

Good question, I'd like to know that as well. Maybe Flechette is not meant for regulr guns. Actually it's hard to imagine packing a bunch of slivers into a regular bullet as opposed to a shotgun casing.

There was a lot of serious development of small arms flechette ammo by a half dozen countries from the 1950s through to the mid 80s. This research (from the US military side) was as a weapon lkie in SR, but more of a delivery vessal for nerve agents like VX.
Nowadays, its only really 12g shotgun rounds that use a flechette load similiar to what is in SR: which much the same effect thanks composite armors used today (military grade armored vests render flechette useless as the flack protection stops them, while the composite plating absorbs the kinetic impact).

The closest we have now are large bore "shot" ammo for pistols. Good for small bird hunting and home protection.
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It seem as if regular flechette rounds typically breaks up and shatters on impact. Fichetti Tiffani Needler and the Slivergun uses flechette round rules (already factored into the table).

While Shot rounds fired from a shotgun spread when fired, creating a cone of shot extending outward from the shotgun’s muzzle. Shotguns using Shot rounds (instead of Slug rounds) uses flechette round rules (they also use shotgun choke rules and cause negative dice pool modifier for defenders).
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