An Introspective Thought on Creativity and Energy

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« on: <12-23-20/1441:17> »
So, an interesting observation recently. TLdr is that creativity and drive definitely do not come from an inexhaustible well.

Since Covid quarantine started, I turned to tabletop gaming(and especially GMing) for much of my creative outlet, as well as regular social contact with friends. There were weeks of no games due to life and schedules, sure, but most of the time this was 2 and sometimes 3 days a week. Towards the end of last month until last week, I ended up running 2 games in the same game(Shadowrun across 2 editions, for those curious). And it was great, I had fun, the players had fun. But man, when that well of creativity and mental energy is dry, it hits HARD.

So I decided to cancel my last session, and take a couple weeks off until next year. And yeah, Christmas certainly makes that easier since people are busy anyways, but honestly? The break just feels AMAZING. Not having any weekly recurring pressure to write and come up with ideas and plots and NPCs and everything is just...a huge load off my mind right now. And clearly it's working, because I'm already having ideas for future plots and missions seeping into my brain. But I actually feel excited about writing them down again. I guess this break was more sorely needed than I thought.

So in summary, for any GMs out there, give yourself a break every now and then. You'll definitely feel your creative batteries recharged after a while, which makes you more excited for your game, which makes for a better game and happier GM and players.

And for the players? Rolling dice is great, but taking breaks is also good, as I'll be damned if you're not even more pumped to get back into character after not playing them for a few weeks. And after all, that's why we play together for months and years anyway, right? Gotta respect the codependent tabletop ecosystem.

In the wise words of Red Green, "I'm pulling for you. We're all in this together."

Here's to rolling dice and going on more incredible adventures in 2021. 🙂
"Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything."
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« Reply #1 on: <01-19-21/1738:38> »
I feel you.

I am working on my software project Genesis for 6 years now, have one weekly tabletop gaming group (not GMing at the moment) and started another in December 2019 (GMing). During the summer my batteries ran low and in October 2020 I took a two months break from Genesis. While that was releaving, it wasn't really gone and caught up on me multiple times a week.
I am back developing, but I soon won't be GMing anymore - there isn't enough mental energy left.

I guess burning for multiple things and living through a pandemic don't go well together.