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« Reply #45 on: <05-17-11/2249:20> »
See I prefer it.  I see a story about a school shooting and think, man, if a teacher had weapons training and a concealed handgun, we could have had some lives saved.
Israel had a school shooting stopped by a off-duty soldier who was in the middle of a class.

Just stood up, drew his sidearm, shot the bugger dead, went back to the books.

Legally disarming people only disarms law abiding people.  Criminals and nutbars tend not to obey laws, go figure.
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« Reply #46 on: <05-17-11/2255:17> »
I don't even know where to shop for body armor, or how they're regulated.

You know, I can sorta see the reducing supply argument, but I don't think it'd work in America; too many already floating around, it's like having AK-47s in a third world country.

Used to be more into the firearms thing, but frankly, I can't really take a stand anymore, I'm just too poor to afford that sort of thing.

Umm...are we getting off topic?
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« Reply #47 on: <05-18-11/1004:49> »
I dug around in my old books last night a little bit, but couldn't find what I was looking for.

I wanted to see if Permits were more available/legal in CAS vs UCAS, considering the CAS states were mostly southern states with looser gun laws pre-awakening. 

Alas I got tired and went too bed before I spent alot of time looking.


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« Reply #48 on: <05-20-11/1546:56> »
That's hilarious, because I actually found a loaded, sawed-off shotgun.. DISCARDED AND FORGOTTEN ON A CITY STREET.
I'm a little out of touch with local news, but I do not recall any significant arrests or the like being announced after that discovery.
:o ..... did you turn it over to the police or pick it up, wipe it for prints, conceal it, and lived happy up to this point with a throw away shotgun.

I had no way of knowing if it was used at the scene of a crime, so I turned it over. Also, at the time, I owned a shotgun that was a little more sturdy looking than that thing.

This incident took place in the Mississippi Gulf Coast.