Build in additiona weapon customization.

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Hoi Chummers,

when i buy a gun that has aaditional weapon inside of it (like Cavalier-Parashield
Emergency Responder) i have two attack ratings, one for smg shot and one for dart shot. If I cut his stock, it increases AR in close range, but decreases in long range.

Should I change AR in both ratings? Because when I cut stock my whole weapon is easier to use in close range and harder in long, so why it should mechanically affect only one type of weapon attack?



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« Reply #1 on: <10-17-20/0914:20> »
I'd say so.  For one, it's easy/consistent bookkeeping, and two both weapons use the same platform, it doesn't literally have a second firearm inside of it that comes out.  So stock mods would affect both weapons.

Sir Ludwig

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In this case,  yes you would change it for both.

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