[SR6] Firing Squad - SUT (small unit tactics)

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It's not clear to me from reading pg.86 how the action economy is supposed to work and how long the bonus is supposed to last, so let me see if I get it right by making assumptions and informed guesses:
Each participating member is supposed to reserve a Major action (Minor if they have the team bonus) for use on the leader's initiative.  That's clear.
All the actions are spent on the Leader's initiative when the test is made.  Participants can join in via Teamwork; I'm guessing they don't spend an additional Major action to do so(despite it saying "teamwork test per the normal rules").
If the test is unsuccessful, everything's wasted and nothing happens, or all the motions and actions of the maneuver happen on lowest member's initiative but without the bonus. (Fail case isn't mentioned at all, I'm unclear).
If the test is successful, nothing happens until the lowest team member's initiative.  If the leader is the lowest, it happens now.
On the lowest team members' initiative, the bonus takes effect and you do actions in the order they're listed in the description of the move.  Members don't need to spend additional actions making the maneuver happen, so if they spent a Minor to do the maneuver and their role is to move and attack, they just got to do that at a steep discount.  The effects of the maneuver are happening outside of the initiative order of almost everyone in the team, so this is an instance of making an attack outside your initiative. 
As written, maneuver movement isn't affected by whether a team member has already moved that turn, so tables will have to decide if a team member can move/sprint and then additionally move per the maneuver or not.
It's not clear how long the bonuses from the maneuver last, but I would guess they last a minimum of one round and maximum GM discretion.