Diceless SR6

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« on: <10-03-20/1151:55> »
Hey, I want to hear people thoughts about playing diceless in SR6 pros and cons and what diceless system work better with SR6?
I like SR6 D6 system but there is times in game where you don't want a dice at all

P.S. I really like to see SR6 with it's own diceless system  :)


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« Reply #1 on: <10-05-20/1355:07> »
I'm not super familiar with "diceless" RPG systems, but to me it seems there has to be a variable mechanic to determining the outcome of actions.  Otherwise, a group of people are simply doing improv, collaborative story telling and don't need a set of RPG rules in the first place.  Just tell a story together.

Maybe I'm missing something.  :D

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I mean, with Amber it was 'best rank wins, unless you cheat'. And let me tell you, did my character construct a lot of cheats... Enough to attack two players in a 1-on-2 while countering everything they pulled and having the GM basically spare them and give them several chances to just run away already. So if you want to leave it to the GM less, you'd need a system that puts a mechanical impact to the 'generating a difference'. For example, a system I know for a LARP gives a +1 rank to an ambusher, and the attacker wins on ties.
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« Reply #3 on: <10-05-20/1643:14> »
Are we talking about:

Narrativism (Diceless) <-----------------------> Simulationism (Shadowrun)

It (Diceless Shadowrun) sound a bit like one of them oxymorons. You know;
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I like using dice, but I have people that use programs while they set around a table.  Online, I think only programs, it's too easy for people to cheat rolling dice on camera.

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