SR6 Matrix Guide and FAQ

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« Reply #135 on: <11-22-20/1101:32> »
Hey guys, I'm confused as to what Matrix actions give Edge for a higher attack value.

From Banshee's guide, it seems like almost all actions give the Edge. For example, even non-combat actions like 'Trace Icons' give edge. It leads me to assume that all Matrix actions with an opposed test can give Edge. But it's not that, because it doesn't seem to work for Matrix perception.

So how do we determine if a Matrix action gives Edge?

You're right, any opposed check has the potential for granting edge

Except for Matrix perception? In your guide, you give an example of using Matrix perception to discover a silently running PAN, which is an opposed test, but there's no mention of edge considerations. Is this simply omitted because it's not relevant in that case or is Matrix perceptions generally excluded?

Using Matrix Perception to find a silent running hacker, Trying Again.

Tattoo tries to “spot the hacker that is currently attacking Bob’s network”. Normally it is a Major action to spot a silent running network, but since Tattoo is a Technomancer using a Living Persona it is only a Minor action (it is also a Minor action for characters that use a cyberdeck and/or a cyberjack). Matrix Perception is resolved as an opposed Electronics + Intuition vs Willpower + Sleaze test. The test suffers a negative dice pool modifier of 3 dice because of noise due to distance.

Tattoo gets only 2 hits, while the eluding hacker gets 5 hits; and the attempt fails.

“Perhaps he already jacked out?”, she thinks to herself as she decides to double check by spending another Minor action to Try Again, just to be sure. Retrying a test when circumstances have not changed imposes a negative dice pool modifier of 2 dice - yet she manages to get 6 hits, while Mungo gets 4 hits. Just by being successful Tattoo now locates the hostile network and with the net hits Tattoo also discovers that it has a Device Rating of 1 and that it is running Signal Scrub and Exploit. “Heh, so… you little punk… you are just running an Erika MCD-6 are you“, Tattoo thinks as her body is lifeless on the couch at home. “Now… where are you hiding you little bastard”.


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« Reply #136 on: <11-22-20/1159:23> »
Same as with regular perception, you typically don't compare AR and DR when taking a Matrix Perception test. This is what normally grant you Edge while hacking.

But if it is an opposed encounter then Edge might still be granted because of situational reasons or if you have a specific piece of gear or a quality etc.

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« Reply #137 on: <11-22-20/1415:31> »
Don't forget that (m)AR vs (m)DR is only 1 potential avenue of edge gain on an action.  Even when there's no comparison, you can still gain edge via gear/qualities and you can still gain edge via circumstantial advantages.

Matrix perception to spot an icon that has hidden but you've spotted previously?  Or know well?  GM might rule circumstantial Edge award.
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