What are appropriate stats for a forklift in 6e?

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« on: <09-06-20/0002:24> »
We just got to the halfway point in an alchera run: in this case, the alchera brought the PCs back to Mercurial.

Now, in one part of Mercurial, the PCs have access to a forklift. I hadn't thought to convert the stats ahead of time, so I eyeballed the 1e -> 6e conversion. The decker ended up killing half a hit squad of yakuza in the first turn, so my eyeballing made it a tad overpowered. (To be fair, all the yakuza had been blinded by a flash-pak grenade)

This jacklift still functions and Is equipped with both rigger inputs and manual controls. The jacklift has both grappling arms and a forklift. The arms can be used to attack, using the vehicle skill for the Success Test. They have an effective Strength of 12, and can strike for 6M2 damage. All combat tests using the jacklift are at +2 to the Target Numbers. After all, it was hardly designed for this sort of thing.

Namely, I turned "6M2" into "6dv," then ignored the TN and strength thing. This likely was not a wise decision.

How would you stat out a forklift in 6e rules?

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« Reply #1 on: <09-06-20/0132:48> »
The DV would be basically whatever you want it to be. 6P? Well within the realm of reason.

The clumsiness/slowness of the articulation should be represented by a low AR.
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« Reply #2 on: <09-06-20/0233:35> »
Welcome to 'as the efition changes' :D

Yea... things get wonky when trying to stat out from old editions, especially 1 to 3 e as the core mechanics have changed so much...

Fwiw, I would have gone with 4p as the damage code...
In the early editions the first number was a resitance check number... meaning to resist a moderate (the 'm' in the damage code) wound, the target had to roll 6s to stage down....

A moderate wound was 4 boxes of damage if I remember correctly...
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« Reply #3 on: <09-06-20/1511:34> »
3 boxes. Light 1, Moderate 3, serious 6, deadly it was either 10 or just your full bar I can't remember which.

Personally 6 could make sense from a real world perspective if it was moving fast. I'd probably would have gone with 3DV with +1Dv for every X speed.


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« Reply #4 on: <09-06-20/1611:13> »
3 boxes. Light 1, Moderate 3, serious 6, deadly it was either 10 or just your full bar I can't remember which.
Both - because everyone got a fixed 10 boxes.


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« Reply #5 on: <09-06-20/1658:43> »
Can't find any weapon in SR1 that did 6M2, but;

Heavy Crossbow in SR1 did 6S2
Heavy Crossbow in SR5 did 10P
Heavy Crossbow in SR6 does 4P

Remington 950 in SR1 did 6S2
Remington 950 in SR5 did 12P
Remington 900 in SR6 deal 5P

Ranger Arms SM-3 in SR1 did 6S2
Ranger Arms SM-5 in SR5 did 14P
Ranger Arms SM-5 in SR6 does 5P

If 6S2 in SR1 is translated to 4-5P in SR6 then 6M2 in SR1 should probably evaluate to less than 4-5P in SR6.