Shadowrun 5 Errata

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Well, you know what they say, better to ask forgiveness than permission.

This is a PDF containing all the errata posted on this thread pertaining to the 5E CRB, in one place.

Seriously, if there are any legal issues, I will take it down.

This is a bit sketchier than the German 6e errata since that errata wasn't taken from anywhere, it was manually created by D4rvill comparing changes. The English fixes were my original phrasing for it, and mechanics can't be copyrighted. This, however, uses the original phrasing of firebug and Patrick Goodman, which is a bit sketchier copyright-wise, even if it's still just mechanics and was posted for public use. IANAL, and I don't feel like getting involved in any copyright issues over this. This was created purely for the convenience of the community, but I do not wish to disrespect the IP of the users who created the errata.


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« Reply #556 on: <06-21-20/1858:51> »
I really want to read the errata team review. I think it would be an unfortunate waste to lose that data.

I hope the errata team post their work, because I dont think Catalyst do it.

As Jayde Moon said upthread, it's actually not dead.  It's just that since his posting in May, a new edition surprised us by becoming a thing and 5e errata has gone to the back burner and 6we errata has been our priority.

Good afternoon
9 months have passed. Is there any chance of seeing the errata team review?
I no longer ask for a review by Catalyst but simply to post the material and we can use it. We don't all use the sixth edition.