SR6 SA/SS - Player Choice?

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« on: <08-24-20/0026:58> »
So, if a weapon has  SA listed, without SS (can't find a gun that has both), then is it the case that a SA weapon can fire a SS instead of in SA mode?

Is this explicitly stated anywhere?

If you can't, then for SA weapons, does the damage code reflect the SA and AR stats, given that SA is baseline?

Again, I am assuming SA can fire in both SS and SA mode, but I am struggling to find RAW where it explicitly states so. Hoping if anyone has come across it, could point me in right direction.

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« Reply #1 on: <08-24-20/0039:48> »
It's not said, but it's implied that every gun has SS.

The AR ratings you see are all for attacks that are not modified by burst fire rules, which include SA attacks.
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« Reply #2 on: <08-24-20/0308:36> »
Incidentally, Beginner Box said SS is not listed but always assumed. I've been assuming it for every SA gun, but not for BF/FA guns. SA mode requires a double-trigger-pull for multiple rounds, BF sends multiple rounds with a single pull.
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« Reply #3 on: <08-24-20/0311:02> »
From the sicky House Rule thread above:

In this firing mode you may either fire two rounds rapidly with two trigger pulls against a single target which will decrease the Attack Rating of your weapon by 2 and increase damage by 1. You may also fire just one round with one trigger pull, in which case there are no changes to a weapon's attributes.