5E skate/magnetic/skimmer boots

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  A few years ago, there was a discussion about putting skimmers/skates on boots, here is the link
The general consensus seemed to be that it could be done with armor since they have a capacity but, few armor list having shoes. I think I found a way to do it, GM approval pending of course.
  Armored clothing states it comes in a wide variety of styles and one could easily assume that includes shoes or boots. So, adding the above augments to armored clothing would look like this

Armored clothing+skates: Capacity [4] 950 nuyen
Armored clothing+Magnetic system: Capacity [4], 24500 nuyen
Armored clothing+Skimmers: Capacity [8], 4900 nuyen

I included the cost of armored clothing and you would need YNT softweave for the skimmers since armored clothing only has a capacity of 6 but it could be worth it or at least silly fun. I'm not sure but you might able to pull this off with urban explorer jumpsuites since it is the only armor you can get a full chemical seal at character gen without the restricted gear quality. Anyway, tell me what you guys think, comments, questions and curse words are welcome :)