6E car transport

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Invisible mages running across a busy street.  Guess that is why we have those pictures on lawn mowers that tell you not to stick your fingers into the blades.

Who would be at fault if they are hit?  GG, driver/owner of vech/invisible mage?  Sounds like I got a game idea where the runners are hired to get proof the mages where invisible for (insurance company, GG, driver). To help win the case.


It hasn't been touched on much in the recent editions (there is a blurb in Street Grimoire), but when magic is involved, it is always considered a premeditated act...

Now, how would that apply to a mage crossing a street while invisible? Suicide sounds like the likely investigative result.
("Why would a mage walk out into traffic while Invisible if NOT to commit Suicide? There is no chance anyone or any sensor could see him..")

However,, keep in mind, mages that can actually cast spells are in the very much minority. (5% of the population is awakened, which includes all types of awakened. So spell casters are going to be rare, spell casters that also know invisibility, less so.. )

While I could see Insurance companies trying this stunt, the number of times it would come up would be minuscule compared to all the other new scams for insurance fraud that the wireless matrix opens up.... and the legal and financial ramifications of said "wireless fun"....
Where am I going? And why am I in a hand basket ???

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