S6 No Future Incomplete Translation to 6e

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Some questions around No Future 6e
1) Is the Performance rules just not a thing for 6e? Pg reference is listed as (XX) on [pg. 155 of No Future 6e]. Appears to mostly be an omission of page number, because my best guess for XX would be page 53 for Performance? Still unclear if it meant to reference another book from 5e which doesn't translate to 6e.

2) Under Availability, they include R and F codes for gear instead of I and L. Are we suppose to deduce that R maps to L and the F maps to I?

3) Were the Availability ratings properly adjusted for 6e? 12 Availability for Big Time instrument? Deltaware Wired Reflexes 4 are 9 availability.... Same for Rolling Blades, 12R availability... again, lists the old 5e R instead of L. [Pg. 156 and 157 No Future 6e]

4) Stolen Gear Negative Quality math confusion:
act details, but the benefit is that for each point
of Karma (up to 20) spent on Stolen Gear, the character
gets 10,000 nuyen (see below) to spend on
gear, cyberware, and/or bioware during character
creation. These points are spent instead of the normal
Karma for extra cash (not in addition to), and
extend the possible additional funds to 150,000•.

If you can spend up to 20 Karma on the Quality, wouldn't the additional funds be 200k in gears? How is that extending additional funds to 150,000 nuyen?

Given how long this has been out, I assume no errata is planned?


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« Reply #1 on: <08-01-20/1440:45> »
Iím not sure about the answer to the rest of your questions, but Performance is a specialization of Con and can be found on pg. 94 of the Sixth World CRB.

Iíll read up for the rest when I get a moment.
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