Can Sprites or Agents assist their TM/Decker on a Matrix Action? [SR5]

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« on: <07-30-20/1453:32> »
So, I'm a new player and for the past few days I've been questioning myself while reading the book and building my first character if a Sprite/Agent could assist a TM/Decker on, for example, a hack on the fly action with a teamwork test. Basically would mean that my character would be the leader, and the sprites/agents would roll their tests. For each helping me and that had a hit, I'd add +1 on my limit, and for each hit I'd add +1 on my dice pool. Is that possible?
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As far as I know, there's no explicit rules on how teamwork would work there, including how it works with Marks. I designed houserules for it ages ago, but don't know if there's anything official to use there.
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I'd allow it.
I would also allow your face teamwork you (direct you) with his leadership skill.
Or another hacker teamwork with you.

(but only the leader would get to place his mark on the icon)