S6 Called Shot and Indirect Combat Spells

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« on: <07-29-20/1922:36> »
So, page 47 says (any attack). Notice smaller case 'a'. Now, there is an explicit Attack action that goes with Firearms, Close Combat, Athletics (Archery), and Exotics. There is also the explicit Cast a Spell action.

For me, given it is small 'a' attack and not big 'A' attack action, and one would rationally say that combat spells are an attack, that Called Shot could be used with targeted combat spells (i.e. Indirect Combat spells).

Any other thoughts, feedback, or explicit places in the rules that support or say otherwise.


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« Reply #1 on: <07-29-20/1937:35> »
Call a Shot (the Minor action) must be combined with the Attack Major action.
Attack Major actions talk about the Combat Chapter.
The Cast a Spell Major action is separate from the Attack Major action.

Call a Shot (the Edge Action) also talk about "any attack" (not any "attack or combat spell")

(In previous edition Called Shot also had to be taken with Fire Weapon, Throw Weapon, or Melee Attack Action)

I would say no. You will probably get magic specific Edge actions in the magic specific supplement.

Having said that, if you like it to work with indirect combat spells then you just rule that it work with indirect combat spells. Your table. Your rules.