6e - How to Imagine a Corporate/MegaCorporate Hosts in the Matrix

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In the wide expanse of the Matrix in the sky, lies the corporate Host. Does it contain all the Hostes of a corporation chained in a row, into a star or other network?
Or is it just the corporate headquarters and all the other departments have their Hosts?
Is the Host in Seattle local or is hidden in the Mega Host of a global corporation.
What about all the others, factories, warehouses, research facilities, office and commercial buildings?
What if I want to go to a branch in NY? Do I have to enter the main Host representing, for example, Azlechnology first, or do I see the NY Host and can I enter it directly?
What a Lone Star Host.
One big Host or each district in the city has its own Host? Or it's the LS reception department and there are visible entrances to each district Host.
One big Host or many Hosts or concatenated slaved Hosts?
The Matrix is large and dark, everyone imagines it differently. What do you think?
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Well, this is one of the primary reasons why Mike and I brought nested Hosts back in 6E.

I see it as there being one major corporate host that is central to all others,  then each geographic or even specific facility has a host network that it contains daily operations under.  Now depending on how security conscious (paranoid) the corp is that local host may have a permanent direct connection to the main host or they may only do a limited access window connection to sync with each other.
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