(SR5) How do you make Knowsofts of Street Knowledge....

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« on: <07-24-20/0429:05> »
How exactly are Knowsofts (the type accessed by a Skilljack) of more personal things like "Gang Knowledge" or "Seattle Drug Dealers" made?
Does the method require having a participant have their Knowledge recorded?
Better question would be, how is this process done or are there any rules for it?


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« Reply #1 on: <07-24-20/1232:59> »
If your shadowrunners want a street knowledge skillsoft they have to buy it. Rules for players to record their own skillsofts is not something that the book covers. Which is fine since skillsoft creation is not really something that shadowrunner characters are supposed to spend time on anyway...


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« Reply #2 on: <08-01-20/2354:34> »
You might check out the 4E "Sim Dreams and Nightmares" digital supplement, which has some background info on simsense and skillwires. I don't think it covers recording knowsofts, though.

I imagine creating a skillsoft would require someone with a skilljack, a simrig, and the relevant skill to be recorded practicing it over the course of several months, probably with coaching by a director. The rating of the skillsoft would be limited to the level of the skill, and higher ratings would require more time (a month per point, minimum?). Then a team of experts (simsense producer, software engineers, cyberneticists, others) would have to process the sim-recordings into a usable skillsoft, which would take even longer.