SR6 Physical Barrier

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So, Mana Barrier rules explicitly state you can shape the mana barrier. Physicla Barrier does not. Are there rules elsewhere saying you can shape Physical Barrier into a dome, for example, instead of just a 2 meter by 2 meter wall?


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Physical Barrier only have the shape of a wall in this edition.

Normally you can use Increase Area to influence the volume of the sphere, but for physical barrier the Increase Area instead explicitly add up to two metres in length and width (but not depth) for each time the effect is chosen.
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Sadly no.  Hopefully when a magic book comes out they will make physical barrier the version you can shape. Though I do think this and the mana version provide too high of a barrier rating. 5e they were too weak, this one too strong so being one sided and boring is probably needed though in practice I doubt it will balance it much.  They need a just right version. Though this will be harder to pull off this edition with the DV ranges as they are. 2e/3e had the IMO weird effect where heavy pistols were better at it than most non heavy weapons.