Are Ally Spirits made to order or does a formula matching spirit arrive??

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Spirits in Shadowrun. In the rules it seems like spirits are called from elsewhere and they have their own lives etc. But there are watcher spirits and Ally spirits. I'm a little fuzzy on watcher spirits but Ally spirits, because they have a formula, they seem like they seem like they are created by the mage. Are they created or does a pre-existing entity with a life and experiences show up if they fulfill the menu points the mage has set out in the formula? Do mages essentially create a magical A.I. or does some entity show up with pre existing conditions and baggage and the mage and spirit are forced to love one another all rapey like, warts and all (providing the GM with plenty of story telling dysfunction to draw upon)?

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An ally’s native metaplane is specified by the spirit formula
and can be used to destroy the spirit by making a
metaplanar quest (p. 140) to that plane.
it can risk making the ally resentful, which may
cause it to seek freedom.

Whether you create it or find it, would be a philosophical debate. But it's a real Spirit, not magical AI. It might be that part of the Formula is for finding a Spirit willing to accept the contract, and other parts are for empowering it.
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