[SR5e] What tasks can sprites perform ?

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« on: <06-22-20/1434:26> »
What tasks do sprites perform ??? The book does not specifiy , how can they be used in hacking ???

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« Reply #1 on: <06-22-20/1439:25> »
Quote from: p254 Compiled Sprite Tasks
A task is basically one job you ask/tell your sprite to
do. It has to be a simple task without conditions or
heavy decision-making requirements. A single task
can be one of the following things: A single use of a
sprite power; one Combat Turn worth of Matrix actions
that apply to the same job; participation in cybercombat
that lasts until all of the enemy combatants have
been defeated or you’ve escaped to safety. If a sprite
uses a sustained power for you, sustaining that power
doesn’t count against further tasks unless you change
it in some way, like switching targets.
You can send a sprite to perform a remote task on another
grid or in a host that you’re not in. When you send a
sprite on a remote task, it vanishes back to the Resonance
when it’s done, and you lose any remaining tasks.
So 1 turn of hacking, 1 full cybercombat, use/sustain a power.

p256 describes more options for a registered Sprite: Help you study, give you a bonus on a single Complex Form test, go on Standby, temporarily sustain a complex form for you, try reregistering, or loan out to someone else so they can benefit from the help.
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« Reply #2 on: <06-22-20/1645:07> »
How would my sprites assist in my actions ?? Adding dices ?? Do they make teamwork or separated tests ?? If I ask one sprite to assist me in something , what Will he do that helps !?