Basic Questions (Sorry...)

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« on: <06-18-20/1036:05> »
Hi, I have two questions which are pretty basic, so be kind to an excited newbie!

1) After playing cards, does the damage created make a collective pool of damage that can be applied to multiple obstacles, or must you assign damage from 1 card to only one obstacle (unless the card ability allows you to hit 2 obstacles, etc.)?

2) Do you always begin with the role starting deck (+ any changes for solo/upgrade play like substituting an Icon Grab in a 2-player solo game) or do you keep and build your deck? If playing campaign-style is it different?

Thanks, Community!


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Hello there C_Redfield, and welcome to the Shadowrun forums.

Is your question perhaps related to Shadowrun Crossfire then you might want to repost your question here ( in the Shadowrun Crossfire] part of the forum (that way your post will probably get a bit more attention).
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