So, how about a 6E FAQ now?

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« on: <06-12-20/1644:46> »
Pretty simple idea, I think that this edition desperately needs a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) to answer, well, frequently asked questions (see the rules forum and anywhere else on the internet that discusses Shadowrun) as well as some developer clarifications.

I had hoped that the promised errata would fill this need, but it did not at all.  They seem to have taken a very strict definition of an errata and only included corrections.  While I didn't expect much more than error correction the first errata back in August since there were so many errors which needed corrected.  I had hoped that the February edition would have more, but it seems to have even less that has a substantial effect on the game (and also somehow didn't even get close to correcting all of the errors...oh well)

After seeing the February errata I then hoped that maybe the core source books might be where they clarified some of the longstanding questions....but Firing Line came out and that is not what was in that book.

So, how about a FAQ? 

I can dream can't I?

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« Reply #1 on: <06-12-20/1705:01> »
I do believe that a FAQ is coming.  And for whatever my opinion is worth, I do agree one would be most excellent...If not necessary.

Lots of stuff that wasn't approved for errata can be better dealt with via the Q & A format of a FAQ.
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« Reply #2 on: <06-13-20/0436:46> »
how about a FAQ? 
Yes please.

We already sort have it (but not condensed into one thread) when it comes to the Matrix (Banshee have been quite active answering Matrix related questions), but yes, it is desperately needed for many of the other areas in the book.