Need help to geek the mage (first, last, I don't realy care)

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The issue with imo, are legacy of the 5e TM issues. The spell is different, but we let the cat out of the bag on the TM version b/c it was all they had during most of 5e. So i suspect the magic version largely got passed through as a result of that.
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Physically there is nothing outward that tells you someone is awakened. Only an other awakened can naturally spot another awakened, and even then they need Astral Perception, and must make an asensing test.

...having said that, spotting that a magician is performing (casting?) a spell is typically resolved with a regular perception test (does not have to be awakened or observe the astral plane to take this test).

SR5 p.280 Perceiving Magic
Noticing magic is a Simple Perception + Intuition [Mental] Test with a threshold equal to the Skill Rating of the being performing it minus the Force of the magic...

First, you have touch the target...
I think you need to read that again. The magician does not physically touch the physical target on the physical plane. It is the wholly astral spirit on the astral plane that need to get in contact with the intangible astral aura of the target...

SG p. 197 Possession
Some spirits are incapable of materializing, so they must possess vessels in order to interact with meat space. During a possession attempt, the spirit uses the vessel’s aura as a temporary conduit to the physical plane. The spirit makes an Opposed Test by rolling its Force x 2 against the vessel’s Intuition + Willpower for living vessels or the Object Resistance dice pool of an inanimate vessel.

That's the list from page 295.
I would personally rule that a firearm is just an electronic device like many other electronic devices. Not a cyberdeck.

Aren't foci dual natured ?
Active foci are dual natrued and have an immediately obvious astral form, yes. Any spells you sustain on your character also have an immediately obvious astral form that does not require a test to be noticed. In a crowd of people you would probably be singled out by an astral observer.

If you don't have any active foci and no active spells running on your character then you will, on the astral plane, just have an intangible astral aura - just like anyone else. But if an astral observer still take the time to actually sense your specific aura then it typically only need one single hit to sense that you are awakened and not mundane.

BUT, I do know that computers, and wifi modems can do this... SO they MUST be in a firearm,,,,
All electronic devices have wireless capability by default in this edition. Does not mean they get the same objective resistance as cyberdecks and drones. Electronic equipment are explicitly listed in the table that you yourself posted (twice now).

The vast majority of wireless enabled electronic devices that are full of RFID tags, electronics and powered by electricity and have their own matrix condition monitor etc does not have the same extreme object resistance as even more complex devices such as cyberdecks, drones or vehicles.

The book seem to make a clear distinction between the two...
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