[SR5] Trodes and Weapon Mods

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« Reply #15 on: <06-11-20/1151:32> »
You'd need a Hotsim module anyway, which also is illegal, so don't even bother.
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« Reply #16 on: <06-12-20/0011:23> »
Also: with 'trodes, you could lose connection (possibly to the point of dumpshock) if your 'trode hat or smartwig ever fell off.
The Maitre 'D in the restaurant tells you that headgear is against the dress code, and you can always grow your hair over your datajack's port.
Plus, I recall reading in Kill Code, I think, that 'trodes involve getting conductive gel in your hair, which is more of a minor inconvenience to characters and unnoticed by players.
Still, the major takeaway from all this is, regardless of what you're using to enter VR, don't Shift Interface Modes from a standing position.
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