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For having Trust fund quality do you require having SINner has a prerequisite ?? Or you just need It when you spend 15 karma on the quality ?
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Whats the difference?

The lifestyle that is payed for by the trust found is connected to your national or corporate SIN.
No national or corporate SIN, no lifestyle.
No lifestyle, no shady deal with the landlord.
No shady deal with the landlord, no monthly kickback.
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What If I get the Middle lifestyle plus 500 , do I still need SINner ? What about fake sin ??
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Not sure I understand.

If you have the SINner negative quality then you have it.

If you wish to get rid of a Negative quality once the game starts then you need to meet any stipulated requirements (for example a GM might require that you get the Erased quality instead of your SINner quality), the gamemaster must give you permission to get rid of it and the you also need to pay the listed listed Karma x 2.

If you really don't wish to pick the SINner negative quality then you should perhaps not pick the Trust Found quality....
You can also just buy a fake SIN and a lifestyle, like most shadowrunners =)


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From Run Faster page 151
bold underscore for improtance
COST: 5, 10, 15, OR 20 KARMA
Everyone knows you’re in the shadows for the rush or
to fulfill some kind of Batman wannabe fantasy. Every
month your trust fund spills out enough to live off, but
just living is boring. A character with this quality possesses
a lifelong trust fund or inheritance that is managed
by another party (a trustee). The quality has four
versions depending on just how rich and shady a runner
is willing to be. For 5 Karma, the trust fund income
covers a Middle lifestyle with 500 nuyen left over each
month. For 10 Karma, the income covers a Low Lifestyle
but offers the character 2,000 + (3D6 x 100) nuyen
each month thanks to a deal with their landlord to
rip off the trustee. For 15 Karma, the income covers a
High Lifestyle with 1,000 nuyen left over. For 20 Karma,
the money covers a Middle Lifestyle and offers 3,000 +
(6d6 x 100) nuyen thanks to one of those special deals.
The character must also possess the SINner (National
or Corporate) quality
; additionally, the lifestyle they
pay for cannot be paid for through other sources and
is part of the records connected to the SIN. None of
these lifestyles can be shared on a long-term basis, as
the landlords are leery of anyone staying at the place
and possibly ruining their deal. Note that there is a
chance that if the character is caught breaking the law,
the trustee may suspend benefits at the gamemaster’s

So to select this quality, you also need the SINner quality.


The SIN proves who you are. Without a SIN you can't get a trust fund.... OR a bank account, a drivers license, a mail box, an LTG number, or even a roof over your head legally...

I mean really, think about it.... A Trust Fund requires huge amounts of paperwork to track, manage and regulate. (most Trust Funds are Stock Deferral Payments, or Capital Investment Deferral Payments. Which means stocks, bonds, Limited liabilities, Brokers, Governmental oversight, Regulations....) the US 401k or Canadian Senior Pensions are forms of Trust Funds...

To collect them, you have to prove to the authoritative bodies you are who you say you are... ("Yes, we have a payment for a John Smith, But can you prove to me that you are John Smith? And not only John Smith, but the SAME John Smith that this payment is for?")

As the Saying goes... You can't get something for nothing....   
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