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I've played a LOT of SR5 and I would have to say my favorite character by far was running an Adept Decker who (almost) never dove into VR because I found the VR rules annoying. I also found the ability to have the Initiative of X+3 /4d6 outside of the matrix more valuable than lounging in a van some where nearby on deck heavy jobs. I value being able to shoot a gun or lob a grenade well worth the global -2 you took to everything because of being in AR due to high dice pools I normally ran.

My question to you is it viable to do this in sr4a with the BP system? My book hasn't arrived yet so I haven't gotten to look at the book for char gen rules.

The main things I would like are (these are 5e things I know them as) :

Improved Reflexes 2 or 3

Mid tier Cyberdeck such as a Novatech Navigator or Renraku Tsurugi

(Used preferable) Bioware that increase Logic, Intuition or hacking related skills

To be able to focus on one group of concealable weapons (Ranged preferably)

The above are my main 'must haves.' Improved reflexes is the one thing I could probably budge at level 2 vs 3 simply because my group has two individuals going lightning fast melee/range specialists. I know 4e has the stigma of not really needing a dedicated decker compared to 5e. I would just like to bring the char I've played for the last year into 4e in some fashion.

Thank you for the help! :D


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Well, 4th edition does not use cyberdeck (that what your comlink & program is for) but otherwise yes, you should be able to replicate the same concept at a similar essence loss (and subsequent impact to your magical ability).

May be a bit more costly, as you might need more programs, but that would be an easy conversion.
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Its totally possible...

Sadly, the matrix rules in 4e are broken compared to every other edition....

In 4e, you are either a technomancer, OR you're a "Script Kiddie" using precombined programs to hack the matrix. (In 4e, hacking rolls are based off your Link quality AND your program quality! You can have fucking ZEROs in every attributes, and still hack ultra violet nodes!!!.... Yes I realize a Zero would mean your are technically dead... BUT you can still hack in 4e!)
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It should be very doable.

I haven't said his name in 2.5 years and he hasn't been online in 6.5 years, but let's dust off UmaroVI's archetype replacements, which is still pinned at the top of the Character Generation and Critique thread:

The two that are most pertinent are the Generalist and the Combat Hacker. Neither of them are adepts but it should be relatively easy to drop their cyberware and replace with adept abilities. It won't be a perfect transition - the Generalist depends on a Cyberarm of Awesome/Cheese for shooting - but swapping wired reflexes out for Improved Reflexes is easy enough. The archetypes will also give you a good sense of what you want in a commlink. You can get what you need for 50-60K, which is decidedly less than what a cyberdeck will cost you in 5E.