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When: Saturdays starting at 12PM or 1PM EST
Where: Roll20 and Discord
What:  Shadowrun 5e
Please be at least 18

I have a group that is new to Shadowrun and Shadowrun concepts. In order to give them a better idea of the kind of world and game this is, I'm looking for one player who meets the following criteria:

1.) Experienced with Shadowrun and Shadowrun tropes.
2.) Will play a matrix runner (Decker, Technomancer, or AI).  You do not need to be willing to ONLY play one of these, but I would prefer 2-4 runs with a character of this type so that players can get a good feel for what they are like and how they fit into the world. After that there would be opportunities to play something else.
3.) Experienced with using the matrix and AR (like getting blue prints, painting targets on other peoples image links, understanding how to hack into the commlinks of people around them the get more information such as to find out what they can about Mr. Jonson and what not.
4.) Highly interested in team play and working together.

This game is set in San Francisco, but in a couple a weeks a 'DM in training' will take on the mantle of DM and do runs in Glasglow. Each week will be a new run, and we will be switching the DM role back and fourth from week to week. I will be playing a character in his runs and he will be playing one in my runs, and everyone else can play the same character. So the 'campaign', if you will, will be split between those two primary locations.  Any player that is interested in joining, and wants to run some of their own runs every now and then, fitting into the rotation, would be very nice too.

To be considered, please let me know about yourself, your experience, and your play style.  Please be aware that this game uses both Roll20 and Discord.
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Are you still looking?