Fading Calculation, Complex Form Example on page 253, 5th Edition

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Hey all,

Brand newb, bear with me. I've been sitting on the example on page 253 where the fading calculation for Lemuel appears to be 7 DV (for threading a Diffusion of Attack on the spider.) But looking at the stats, the FV for Diffusion of Attribute (Attack, in this example) is 6 (Level set by Lemuel) - 2 = 4 DV. So I thought this was an error, but I can't seem to find any information confirming this.

However, the spider had rolled 3 hits on his (Willpower + Firewall) opposition test when Lemuel (the technomancer) had cast his complex form. This would result in 4 DV + 3 DV = 7 DV....the "7 points coming his way." So, am I to understand, then, that the FV includes the total "opposition hits" of the enemy in the calculation? Or was this truly errata? Or am I totally misreading this example?
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