Armor Avoidance questions

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« on: <04-10-20/1700:40> »
When dealing AA Damage, any net sucesses go straight to the proper monitor, while the preset damage goes to armor.
But if net successes surpasses the preset damage, no damage is done to armor and net successes become Condition damage.

So, let's suppose a custom spell of 6P/AA.

If I roll 5 net sucesses, I reduced the armor of my target by 6 AND damaged their condition monitor by 5. I did some hurting AND made it easier for my partners to defeat our mark.

BUT, say I roll 7 net successes, I did do some serious hurting to target, adding penalties and all that. But everyone else still got to bypass their armor to deal actual damage.

Is that how it should work? Am I overthinking it here or it is a bit problematic?
Wrecking an armored vehicle or mainframe becomes quite weird this way.

Also - if you may add AA to spells by paying a single Amp Point, is there any reason to ever NOT get it? It seems somewhat overpowered.


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« Reply #1 on: <04-10-20/1749:13> »
I'm looking at the example on p. 46 on the right-hand side. It's suggesting that net hits with AA don't add to the net damage, they just determine how much of the base damage automatically bypasses armor.

Let's use your example with the 6P/AA spell.

If you roll 5 net hits, then 5P goes direct to the condition monitor and 1P goes to reduce armor.

If you roll 7 net hits, then 6P goes direct to the condition monitor. The last net hit is lost.

AA is great and something I offer via Plot Points to help speed up grinding through grunts. That said, it only helps when the target actually has armor. If you're targeting unarmored opponents, or opponents who have already had their armor stripped, then it doesn't have an effect. Is it worth spending an Amp Point? Most of the time, yes, but if you already have one spell with AA then maybe you don't need a second one that also includes AA.


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« Reply #2 on: <05-03-23/0847:35> »
Interestingly, the French edition allows you to keep net hits over the original DV. So, in your example, 6P would apply directly to the PCM, and the remainder would apply as normal (deducting from armour first, if there is any). That seems a little better.