On-line Shadowrun campaign looking for players

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« on: <03-30-20/2016:22> »
Looking into getting an online Shadowrun group started, first few sessions will be simple runs to bring the party together. Leading into a long term campaign. Current roster includes GM and One player with room for three more players. Sessions will be hosted on Astral, looking to run once a week on Saturdays. Voice and character/campaign discussion hosted on Discord.

System Shadowrun 5th edition
Play times: Eastern standard time, Sundays, 2pm to 6pm
First run: This campaign as stated will begin with simple runs at first. First run will be a  revamped first edition senario to the current system.
Character creation: Character creating will be a 1000 karma build utilizing life modules. Suggest using Herolab. Meta type is un-restricted however character concepts must be taken to the GM for review and approval.
Themes: Serious, humorous, 18+
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« Reply #1 on: <04-18-20/0112:44> »
Iím interested! Have hero lab, but Iím new. Email me please to coordinate.