6e Street Samurai

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« on: <02-15-20/0135:04> »
Alright, I think I have a good enough grasp of the rules to make an interesting PC. If you see anything hinky with it cost-wise, please let me know. As far as I can tell, the character is built RAW legal, even though some of the expenditures look meta as all hell. I exchanged all of the 50 Bonus Karma into Nuyen for an extra 100,000 ¥. If the build works out, I'm hoping to get this guy into a PbP game on here, but it doesn't seem like too many people are chomping at the bit to run/play 6e =[

《Crash 2.0 took everything from you. Family, friends, and that cozy Corp brat life you were so accustomed to. During the chaos of the reformation, you slipped through the cracks and your life became the same kind of sob story you'd see on after school trids. Despair, hunger, violence, and an ever loosening grip on morality as you learned that life in the shadows wasn't easy. But you found a better life. A life Better-Than-Life. You spent years in a simsense-induced haze of ecstacy and adventure, and you would lie, cheat, and steal just to get that next taste. Sure, you had heard rumors of some kind of mind control chips that made people do all sorts of crazy drek while they were riding the electronic high, but those were just stories squatters told to scare each other. At least, that's what you thought until you slotted a chip and then walked yourself to a back-alley clinic you never knew existed. Then you woke up on the operating table. It could have been worse. It could have been organleggers chopping you up for ghoul chow, or the Yakuza cyber-sculpting you into whatever the latest fetish catered to, but you lucked out... sort of.  Seems some really bad people got their hands on a cache of personafix chips, and those chips could turn anyone into a world-class killer as long as they had the right 'ware. So you and half a dozen other BTL junkies off the streets were randomly selected as test subjects for a new breed of Shadowrunner. An elite assassin who's every action and emotion was recorded for the pleasure of the client. The thrill of the hunt, the savor of the kill, the acrobatic escape above the sprawl. Yeah, you bet your hoop the client paid top-nuyen for that. And you've got the creds in your bank account to prove it. Enough to have paid off the debt for your chrome. Enough to dine in the finest restaurants in the 'plex. Enough to call that highrise penthouse suite with all those fancy toys that come with it your home. Life is good, and it can be Better-Than-Life whenever your heart desires.》

A-Resources (450,000¥)
B-Attributes (16)
C-Skills (20)
D-Metatype (Human, 4)
E-Magic/Resonance (Mundane)

B 2
A 5
R 3 (5)
S 2
W 2
L 4
I 3
C 3
Edge 5
Essence 2.3

6 (8) + 2d6; 1 Major, 3 Minor

Condition Boxes
9 Physical/9 Stun/2 Overflow

Biotech 1 (First Aid +2)
Con 5
Electronics 2
Engineering 2
Outdoors 3 (Urban +2)
Perception 5

Knowledge Skills
BTL Culture

Language Skills
Cityspeak (Expert)
English (Native)

Qualities (+/-0 Karma)
Addiction 3 (BTL, 1 day) • +6
Ambidextrous • -4
Bad Rep • +8
Blandness • -8
Guts • -12
Honorbound (Assassin's Creed) • +10

BTL Dealer C3/L3
Fixer C3/L3
Mr. Johnson C3/L3

Commlink (Rating 6, D3/F1, Program Slots 3) • 0.2 Essence; 10,000¥
Simrig • 0.2 Essence; 4,000¥
Skilljack (Rating 6) • 0.6 Essence; 120,000¥
Smartlink • 0.2 Essence; 4,000¥
Balance Augmenter • 0.1 Essence; 8,000¥
Reaction Enhancer (Rating 1) • 0.3 Essence; 15,000¥
Skillwires (Rating 6) • 0.6 Essence; 120,000¥
Wired Reflexes (Rating 1) • 1.0 Essence; 40,000¥
2x Retractable Handblades • 0.5 Essence; 5,000¥

Katana • 350¥
Ares Predator VI (w/ concealable holster, silencer, spare clip, 10 rounds of caseless ammo, 10 rounds of caseless explosive ammo, and 10 rounds of caseless stick-n-shock ammo) • 1,530¥

Chameleon Suit (w/ Rating 1 each; chemical protection, cold resistance, electricity resistance, and fire resistance) • 3,000¥
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit • 800¥

Contacts (Rating 3, w/ flare compensation, low-light vision, and thermographic vision) • 1,850¥
Autopicker • 500¥
Maglock Passkey (Rating 4) • 8,000¥
Gas mask • 200¥
Respirator (Rating 6) • 300¥
Gecko Tape Gloves • 250¥
Survival Kit • 200¥
Medkit (Rating 6, w/ 5x medical supplies) • 2,000¥
Silver Certified Credstick (w/ 5,000¥) • 5,020¥

Fake SIN (Rating 6, w/ Rating 6 each; concealed carry, cyberware, and firearms licenses) • 18,600¥
Fake SIN (Rating 3, w/ Rating 3 each; concealed carry, cyberware, and firearms licences) • 9,300¥
Fake SIN (Rating 1, w/ Rating 1 each; concealed carry, cyberware, and firearms licences) • 3,100¥
High Lifestyle (2 months prepaid) • 20,000¥
Super-Platinum DocWagon Contract (2 months prepaid) • 20,000¥

10x BTL chips • 500¥
4x Activesofts (Rating 6 each; Athletics, Close Combat, Firearms, and Stealth) • 120,000¥
Knowsoft (Assassination Techniques) • 2,500¥
Linguasoft (Arabic [Native]) • 6,000¥

EDIT: spelling and formatting
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Stainless Steel Devil Rat

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« Reply #1 on: <02-15-20/0346:33> »
I'd turn one or both of the Skilljack and Skillwires to used-grade. You have the essence to spare, and it's free up immense nuyen. Letting you buy that many more skillsofts, or lessen the demand for converting karma to nuyen.
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« Reply #2 on: <02-16-20/0950:50> »
I would flip Skills and Meta-type priorities.  And get at least +1d6 more initiative so you can get a second Major Action each turn. 

Skillwire 6 not a lot of reason to have Skills at 1 or 2.  You'll fill out your Skill list pretty fast I would think.

Trigger Lynx

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« Reply #3 on: <02-16-20/1103:19> »
I would flip Skills and Meta-type priorities.  And get at least +1d6 more initiative so you can get a second Major Action each turn. 

Skillwire 6 not a lot of reason to have Skills at 1 or 2.  You'll fill out your Skill list pretty fast I would think.

Metatype C for a mundane Human is a wasted 3 Adjustment Points. The skills listed are what the unaugmented character possesses as a low-life BTL addict (lieing, cheating, stealing, living on the streets, and watching your back), with his Personafix Skillsofts listed under the Software heading.

Originally, the character had a thumb smuggling compartment with a monofilament whip and another Rating 6 Activesoft, but re-reading the Exotic Weapon Skill it doesn't seem that you can Skillwire it since it requires a specialization. That's where the nuyen for the Rating 3 and Rating 1 fake SINs came from, as well at the second prepaid month for High Lifestyle and Super-Platinum DocWagon contract.

I could take SSDR's advice to the extreme and make all of his 'ware used to get better Wired Reflexes, but that leaves little Essence left for any of the cool new chrome that would come out in the augmentation sourcebook.
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Sir Ludwig

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« Reply #4 on: <02-18-20/0954:27> »
I would suggest relisting priorities:

Attribute = A
Skills = B
Resources = C
Meta = D
Magic = E

I believe you can convert the Karma you need and get most of cyber/bio that you want but would have a higher dice pool due to Attributes.

Whatever you decided, I would agree with Devil Rat, Used is the way to go.

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