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Looking for German intel on Netherlands


Michael Chandra:
Heya all,

I'm looking for if there's some more info on The United Netherlands than is in the english books. Specifically I noticed the UNL is not covered in the Sixth World Almanac, and I was wondering if the Almanach der Sechsten Welt covered something or not. (I also noticed the map of Europe in SWA doesn't show the lost land from the Black Tide... Is there a better view in the AdSW?)

Right now, all I can basically find is up to 2063 in Shadows of Europe, and a bit in Corporate Enclaves on Europort alone in 2070. =/ Wondering if there's anything official that's not listed on the German wiki, or if I can start inventing things freely without contradicting official lore.

I'm not seeing anything so far in my (ongoing) translation of Berlin 2080. There's a few DATAPULS books out there, but I don't see any concentrating on the United Netherlands.


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