Shadowrun Missions Update

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Couple quick follow-up questions
1. Any ballpark date for Mission 0805 and 0806? Ditto for Season 9/10.
2. Are the CMP that are planned to complete the Neo-Tokyo arc be made available to the general public (later on). It would be kind of a shame to have an incomplete arc.
3. With most convention cancelled this year to to Covid-19, what (if any) will be the impact for this  year's missions?


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« Reply #16 on: <04-07-20/0854:51> »
#1: Ballpark dates are impossible, because that's in the hands of JM 'if I have it in my hands, THEN I am willing to declare a date' Hardy. =P

#3: Origins is the normal starting point, and will make its go/no-go decision 1st of May at the latest. If Origins gets cancelled, then they will look into how to debut the first six instead.
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