6E Mike Tyson

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« on: <01-09-20/1907:40> »
This characters has been a lot of fun to play. He is a little one sided, tank/samruria themed. His unarmed damage is DV 10 plus net successes, so he was quickly nicknamed Mike Tyson after the first encounter.

Quick question regarding bows with injection arrows. On a successfull hit does the arrow do 7 DV (for this character) plus net successes on top of the narcojet doing 14 DV?
Something seems off with the high damage values. With a single attack the bow can do 21 damage plus net successes.
Even though the target recieves two separate resistance tests, it does not seem balanced for a beginning runner.

Please share any other crituques or recommendations as well. Currently the character has 4 karma left to spend. 

Mike Tyson / One Punch Man
 8,  4 (8),  3 (6),  10 (14),  3,  2,  4,  2, EDG 1, ESS 0.26
Initiative/Actions: 7 (10)+4D6/1 Major, 5 Minor
Condition Monitor (P/S): 14/10
Defense Rating: 16

Active Skills: Athletics 5, Close Combat 6 (7), Perception 2, Stealth 4
Knowledge Skills: Law Enforcement Corps, Urban Brawl
Languages: English (Native)
Qualities: Built Tough (2), Dermal Deposits, Exceptional (Strength), Honorbound (Bushido), Impaired (2) (Charisma), Quick Healer, Thermographic Vision
Contacts: Fixer (C2/L2), Mechanic (C2/L2), Street Doc (C2/L2)
   Bone Lacing (Titanium)
   Internal Air Tank (4)
   Muscle Augmentation (Used) (4)
   Muscle Toner (Used) (4)
   Platelet Factories
   Reflex Recorder (Close Combat)
   Sleep Regulator
   Synaptic Booster (3)
   Synthacardium (Used) (3)
   Armor Jacket
      Chemical Protection (2)
      Cold Resistance (2)
      Electricity Resistance (2)
      Fire Resistance (2)
   Chemical Protection (2)
   Cold Resistance (2)
   Contacts (3) w/ Image Link, Vision Enhancement
   Electricity Resistance (2)
   Fire Resistance (2)
   Gas Mask
   Helmet w/ Flare Compensation, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink
   Hulk w/ Fake License (6), Fake License (6), Fake License (6), Fake License (6), Fake SIN (6), (1 month) Low Lifestyle
   Transys Avalon
Starting Nuyen: 1,743.5₯
   Bow (14) [Bow, DV 7P, 9/16/6/–/–] w/ Smartgun System, Internal, 25 rounds Arrow, Str Min 14 or 5 rounds Injection Arrow, Str Min 14, Narcoject (14)
   Fragmentation Grenade x5 [Grenade, DV 16P/12P/8P, 20m R, 20/19/14/–/–]
   Gas Grenade, Neuro-Stun X x5 [Grenade, DV By Chem., 20/19/14/–/–] w/ (20x) Neuro-Stun X
   Thermal Smoke Grenade x5 [Grenade, DV Th. Smoke, 20/19/14/–/–]

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« Reply #1 on: <01-09-20/1948:40> »
p. 250 "The injection arrow or bolt causes its base damage while also delivering a payload of one dose of
a drug or toxin." 

So, yes.  Whatever the base damage of the Bow is, plus the Toxin at the end of the round.  Pretty reliable one shot.  However, I'd suggest a Crossbow for Injection Arrows because of the Action Economy.  Crossbows can hold 4 bolts so can take two shots per round.  Bows you'd need more minor actions to ready Arrows and fire the bow.  If you're saving minor actions for ducking, less of a big deal, but most of the time you'll probably want the 2 shots per round vs. 1. 

Personally I wouldn't go with the Exceptional Str.  I'd max out Agility and drop the PQ.  Str 8(12) is plenty IMO.  And Mo' Edge. 

Shadowrunners that can't lie are bad Shadowrunners.  I'd get a rank in each of the social skills, and if at all possible a specialization.  Walking while Trog is totally a crime in many neighborhoods.  Walking while Trog with a Bow made from a Steel I-Beam and a quiver full of Rebar Arrows is going to be a tough sell.  Also no vehicle or lifestyle.  If you're homeless at least be living in a car. 


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« Reply #2 on: <01-09-20/2041:01> »
Thank you for your recommendation to drop strength and go with a crossbow. He will punch slightly softer DV 9, but will probably be using the crossbow, more than his fists anyway.

HeroLab online is a little funky when it prints out its characters, so it did not print the low lifestyle, rating 6 fake SIN and 4 rating 6 licenses fake licenses that were purchased. 

Dropping the exceptional strength brought the character to 18 karma, just enough for a single point in each in each social skill and a specialization.

Any idea when/if a quality will come out that will allow characters to use strength for intimidation checks? A troll can dream!

Michael Chandra

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« Reply #3 on: <01-10-20/0251:57> »
Eh, at the very least:
Talker is clearly more physically powerful than listener
How am I not part of the forum?? O_O I am both active and angry!

Sir Ludwig

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« Reply #4 on: <01-10-20/0858:12> »
FYI: Our group as a similar build, Ex- Urban Brawl player busted for gambling. 

I second, you need as least one social skill.  Intimidation first, and then Influence. 

I know your thinking, Char of 2, why spend the point? However I can't tell you how many times in a game (not by GM design) the non-face has been forced to make a social skill check (such as, only one not seen before, only one not badly hurt and has get into X party, exc). 

Worse case after the first game or two, spend that 5 points to rank to 1, then 5 points to specialize. 

Good luck,
Sir Ludwig
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