Chameleon Armour V's Thermographic Vision

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« Reply #15 on: <01-10-20/1107:46> »
I think Reaver covered what I was trying to convey quite well.

If I was playing 6e then Stainless' proposal below comes close imho.
I'd probably deny any advantage from the chameleon suit against thermo using spotters but then I like to hew closer to reality.
Which is guess is why I prefer 5e, it covers this stuff much better than 6e does.

The mechanics for edge cover this.

Is thermographic vision advantageous in the circumstances? Then you should get an edge point.  IMO, that should be the extent of it.  In the case of someone sneaking around with a chameleon suit, that person gets an edge point for the sneak test from gear.  The observer, if the GM deems thermographic vision being advantageous in this scenario, ALSO then gets an edge point for the perception test.