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Hoi Chummers!

After a few really rough years, the Geek the Mage podcast (an actual play podcast) is gearing up to return to the shadows and is looking for some competent runners to take along for the ride. So if this has your attention lets get into the meat of the subject and answer some questions you may have.

There is no set date as of yet as I want to ensure that I have the right cast. I can say that the game will be played on Saturdays. I'm currently looking at a 2pm EST/EDT to 6pm EST/EDT but I am flexible on the time. This will be a weekly game.

I'm looking for folks with good mic quality, as this will be for a podcast (and potential stream down the line) with little to no background noise. Obviously, we can't control everything, I'm talking more so like dogs constantly barking, kids screaming etc.  While being a voice actor/doing voices is not required (although certainly a plus) I am looking for players that can really get into character and are capable of conveying emotions well. Lastly, and this is one of the bigger ones, I am looking for those that are committed/show up consistently. I am the type of GM that doesn't like running a session with a missing player unless there is a narrative reason for their character to not be there and you can only use common tropes (sick, knocked out, etc.) so many times before they become stale.

Why should you want to play is always a tough question to answer. I have been running games (of various game systems) for over 2 decades (started really young) and take pride in the games I run. I am by no means claiming to be the best, I am still constantly trying to improve my skills. At my table, I work hard to ensure that everyone is having fun and do not put any one person's fun above the fun of anyone else (including myself). I treat my players with respect and expect that they treat one another the same. At the end of the day, we are all here to have fun and tell some cool stories so that is always my focus first and foremost.

While I am not a professional voice actor, I do employ voices/accents frequently to flesh out NPC's better and also just to have some good ole fun. On top of that, I do have a fair amount of improv training that allows me to always roll with whatever punch my players want to throw at me. I am also a type of GM that does not see games as a Me vs. Them mentality but as a collaborative storytelling venture. To that extent, I try and include my players in the world-building as much as possible so that the game is not "mine" but "ours". Not sure what else to put here without seeming pretentious, or more so than I may have inadvertently come across as.

This game is going to be using the 6th edition rules and will start in the Megacity of Neo-Tokyo, at least my version of it. Also known as the never-ending city, Neo-Tokyo is home to 250 million registered citizens. This will also start off as a "street-level" game as I like to start off a little lower so that we can develop the characters as they climb up the ranks in the shadows. I find that starting at "street-level" gives the players time to find their groove with their characters without having to worry about getting fragged by security forces on their first run. Not to say that the game will be easy, the death spiral just won't be as steep as it can be at the regular level.
We will be using Roll20 as a VTT and discord for the audio portion.

So if after reading all this, you are still interested then feel free to send me a private message or post a reply to this answering the following little questionnaire.

Name: What you want to be called/referred to as (not your character)

Experience: How much experience do you have with Shadowrun and Roll20. I'm willing to work with any experience levels, just want to know how much I need to explain etc.

What is your favourite thing about TTRPG's?

Sample Character Concept: This does not have to be the character you wish to play with should you be selected. This is just a way for me to get an initial glance at who you are as a player.

If you were a hotdog, and you were starving, would you eat yourself?

Once I get enough applicants, I will move to a second stage of the application process where I schedule a time where we can "meet" over discord and have a talk, so that both parties (you and I) can get a feel for one another. I look forward to hearing from folks.


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« Reply #1 on: <12-11-19/1538:10> »
The second phase of the application process will start next week. So there is still time for some last minute applicants.