Is there any new errata ?

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« on: <11-17-19/1204:13> »
Hi there I'm Khaled from Kuwait 😊
I'm new to Shadowrun to the tabletop RPGs in general my first introduction to shadowrun was the 6th edition I have the PDF, I have some problems with figuring out some informations like unarmed DV, Essence, and some in-depth explanations about some of already mentined info like Attribute is there any  more errata coming out addressing these issues?
my regards to you all 😊

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« Reply #1 on: <11-17-19/1214:03> »
There is indeed more errata coming.  If it were up to me we'd publish what we have now, but it's not up to me and bureaucracy still needs to finish with it.  I can't say when that'll be because I don't know, but it should be fairly soon. Completely possible it could be before the end of the year, but again that's not a promise. Just a hopeful prediction.
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