[SR6] Bioware Samurai

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Personal Data
Birth Name Cadfael Carnwennan
Metatype Elf Ethnicity Anglo-American
Born 15 May 2060 (Age 20) Sex Male
Height 1.80 m  Weight 60.5 kg   

Metatype D Attributes B Skills C Magic E Resources A

Karma Expenditures
Starting Karma      50
Positive Qualities   20
Negative Qualities   -40
Attributes      50
Skills         0
Resources      20
Remaining      0

Attribute Description.....Value....Attribute Description.....Value
Agility7 ( 10 )Magic--
Reaction5 ( 8 )Initiative13 + 4d6
Strength3 ( 6 )Matrix Initiative6 + 2d6 (Cold)
Willpower2Astral Initiative--
Intuition5Judge Intentions7
Edge2Lift/Carry360 kg
Surprise13Movement10 m
Damage Resist0Defense Rating8 (Armor Vest)

Core Combat Info
Primary Armor Armor Vest
Primary Ranged Weapon: Ruger Super Warhawk
Primary Melee Weapon Monofilament Whip

Condition Monitor
Phys 12
Stun 9

Active Skill Name .....Specialization .....Rating .....Dice Pool
AthleticsThrowing28 ( 10 )
Close CombatUnarmed410 ( 12 )
Exotic WeaponsMono Whip616
Language and Knowledge Skills: English (N); Conspiracy Theories, Current Events

Notes: GM uses a House Rule where a Athletics and Close Combat are Strength-based skills.

Ambidextrous +4
Blandness +8
Built Tough (2) +8

Impaired Attribute (Willpower) [2] -16
Impaired Attribute (Logic) [2] -16
SINner -8

Primary Lifestyle: Low (One Month)
Nuyen: • 4
Fake IDs / Related Lifestyles / Funds / Licenses
No current Fake IDs

Contact's Name ....................Contact Type ....Connection ......Loyalty .........
Andrew "Arcade" HansfordFixer33
Dr. KnickStreet Doc33
Rei Shiawase-HinoCorporate Executive61

Ruger Super Warhawk Revolver
 w/ 2x Speed Loaders (6x Explosive caseless ammo each)
 w/ 1x Speed Loaders (6x Stick-N-Shock caseless ammo)
 w/ Chambered (6x Stick-N-Shock caseless ammo)
 w/ Concealable Holster, Smartgun System (Internal)

Knife (1x)
Monofilament Whip
Shuriken (5x)

Armor Vest (+3 Def) w/ Electricity Resistance [1]

Matrix Stats
Primary Device: Sony Emperor (DR2; D1, F1, P1)

Augmentation Name ..................Level .........Essence Cost ..
Fingertip Compartment--0.10
Bone Density Augmentation10.30
Enhanced Articulation--0.20
Muscle Augmentation30.60
Muscle Toner20.20
Synaptic Booster31.50

Other Gear
Credstick, Standard (1x)
Credstick, Silver (1x)
Contacts [Rt 3] with Image Link, Smartlink
Rappelling Gloves
Stealth Rope (100 m) and Catalyst Stick
Subvocal Mic

"Let's get one thing understood. I'm a freelancer. I don't work for Them anymore. I don't care what you heard about the dust-up over at Aztechnology last month. That wasn't me. I'm a pro. Only amateurs make that big a noise."

"So you're looking for somebody who can do a job and keep his mouth shut? You don't have to look any further. I did a good job for Them and I'll do the same for you. We'll get along just fine as long as you remember one thing: I don't talk about Them. Ever. That kind of talk is more trouble than it could ever be worth."

"I did learn one thing when I was working for Them: Never do anything
pro bono, y'know? So let's talk price and details, then we can transfer some of your quid to my Caribbean League bank's pro quo."

Cadfael "Saint" Carnwennan is a new player in the great game being played in the shadows of Seattle, but he's made quite an impact already.

No one knows much about what he did before he hit the Seattle shadows, but it seems that Cadfael Carnwennan has had his eyes opened to the nature of the corporation (or possibly the government) that he served for so long. He speaks about his previous employer very rarely and only as an anonymous "Them." He is still haunted by his former employers and the deeds he did on their behalf, but is trying to bury the past. Making a new life is hard. He has little to offer except the skills he was taught (and the million nuyen augmentations he was given) by Them. He doesn't like it, but he doesn't hate it either... and that worries him more than anything.

Someday he'll retire completely.


Nothing terribly high concept here, just trying to make a Street Samurai type of character that relies (nearly) exclusively on Bioware instead of Cyberware. Would probably be more efficient if built with more focus on Firearms, but I haven't made a monofilament whip user in ages and you can't deny that the monowhip just has a certain panache.
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« Reply #1 on: <11-10-19/1249:14> »
Enhanced articulation and muscle toner doesnt stack :/

How does your strength/close combat houserule work? As I would presume the mono whip would still be agility, yes?

I think with a bit more splash of B&E expert instead of pure samurai would work better.


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« Reply #2 on: <11-10-19/1259:48> »
How does your strength/close combat houserule work? As I would presume the mono whip would still be agility, yes?

Itís really quite simple: we use Strength instead of Agility as the linked Attribute for those two skills. Not sure how else to explain it...
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« Reply #3 on: <11-10-19/1327:29> »
Aah, sorry.

Its just because I thought just SOME of the weapons would use strength, and others agility.
I think I just mixed your houserule up with one of the others on this forum where it was something like clubs=strength, blades = strength, and agility for small ones. Whips= agility.

But no matter, carry on then :)


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« Reply #4 on: <11-10-19/1358:17> »
Mostly we wanted Strength to have more value as an Attribute. But also we like our house rules to be very short and to the point.

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« Reply #5 on: <11-10-19/1730:22> »
Can you break down the 50 karma you spent on Attributes?

I count 33 Attribute points. 9 of those are free from starting at 1 (including Edge), so that's 24 points coming from priorities and karma. 16 points are from Attributes B and 4 points are from Metatype D. That leaves 4 points to come from 50 karma. That implies karma spending of 10 + 10 + 15 + 15 on attributes.

Since you have three attributes at Rating 2, it suggests you might be able to move around your attribute and/or adjustment points to make that 10 + 10 + 10 + 15. That would give you the same attributes, but would save 5 karma in the process.

Separately, I would suggest buying specializations with karma instead of will skill points, even if this means that you have to buy them after chargen. Buying specializations with skill points sets the value of the skill point at 5 karma, and they're worth much more than that. Here's a forum post I wrote on the topic.