5E Apprentices

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« on: <11-09-19/1545:46> »
I have typically viewed apprentices as aspected magicians who have access to conjuring and sorcery skillsets, but can only spellcast or summon a particular kind of spell or spirit. Re-reading the text/table, I'm actually not so sure.

Can Apprentices still take say, counterspelling, banishing, and binding?

I would assume if binding, it would be limited to the kind of spirit they can summon.

Would that also apply to banishing?

What about counterspelling, can they use counterspelling tests to disrupt spells not of their spell limit? Can they use spell defense dice? Only if they have a combat spell focus?


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« Reply #1 on: <11-09-19/1932:55> »
It really isn't defined.

I'd be inclined to allow counterspelling and banishing versus anything,  but that is only a personal opinion.   Then for binding, well normally you would only have access to the one spirit type, but there is the rare case of using summoning on a spirit which owes no services but hasn't departed yet.
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